Video Works

TELOPEA - A site-specific peripatetic collection of micro-observations captured, made and replayed in sound throughout Telopea Gardens, Emerald. Participants were invited to reflect on their interaction with the gardens through a series of written provocations. Myfanwy recorded these micro-observations onto a portable loop station. We then gathered under a canopy as she replayed, layered and looped these private micro observations in a collective close listening. Circling The Brink, PAVE Festival, Telopea Gardens, Emerald, Victoria, April 8th 2017.

Telopea – the Waratah plant, from the Greek telopos, meaning seen from afar.

Telo – extremity, completion, the end, finale.

THE OPERATORS Creative Development with my Pianola Projector Machine. Operated by Tim Humphries, Madeleine Flynn, Gulzen Ozur and Ashley Dyer. Videography by Cobie Orger. Sound Composition for Dance workshop with Tim & Maddie at Dancehouse, Melbourne, Nov 2016.

ALL THE NIGHTS Project in collaboration with dancers Ineke de Graaf, Julius Sackey, Naree Vachananda & Adam Forbes, Nov 2013. Filming, spoken word, soundtrack and editing by Myfanwy.

ARIA LUMINA - Aria Lumina is an off-the-grid live projection performance piece for Pianola Projector Machine, made from the guts of a pianola with orchestra lights and operator. It was performed at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2013.

AGAPE AGAPE Sound design piece with sounds harvested from my Pianola Projector Machine, inverted pianola rolls, and excerpts of text from WIlliam Gaddis novel Agapē Agape. Many of the sounds were modified using Ageiphontes Lobster Quadrille. Visuals are light and shadow captured from the Pianola Projector Machine.