Lift Equation Album cover.jpg

The Lift Equation

by Daquqi

Daquqi formed in 2006 with the musical collaboration between pianist Amadis Lacheta and Myfanwy. Together with bass player Shannon Birchall and guest trumpet player Peter Knight they composed, performed, toured and recorded between 2006 and 2011 with dancers, shadow puppeteers and film makers. 

"The Lift Equation is a nod to the theory of flight. The title track, which takes its inspiration from the Wright brothers early attempts at an uplifting, delicate piece of musical engineering where the violin soars gently to its highest sonic altitude. Other tracks pay homage to creatures of flight – the albatross, and (my personal favourite), the Indian influenced song of the nightingale, Koyaliya. The Lift Equation has the musical formula to indeed take the listener to a higher plane." Mike Glover - Border Crossings, PBS FM

Daquqi's second album The Lift Equation was recorded live in March 2010 with Sound Engineer Myles Mumford. Myfanwy Hunter - viola, violin, voice | Amadis Lacheta - piano | Shannon Birchall - double bass | Peter Knight - trumpet.

The album can be purchases HERE on Bandcamp.