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A site-specific peripatetic collection of micro-observations captured, made and replayed in sound throughout Telopea Gardens. Participants were invited to reflect on their interaction with the gardens through a series of written provocations - 'What is the tallest thing you can see right now? Get down on the ground, sniff it, describe it in five words. What is the temperature of the air like on your skin?' Myfanwy recorded these micro-observations onto a portable loop station. Participants then gathered under a canopy as she replayed, layered, looped, and manipulated these private micro observations in a collective close listening.

Telopea – the Waratah plant, from the Greek telopos, meaning seen from afar. 
Telo – extremity, completion, the end, finale.

Circling The Brink, PAVE Festival, Telopea Gardens, Emerald, Victoria, April 8th 2017. 
Videography: Vivienne Rogis

Earlier Event: January 29
Lilo Quartet
Later Event: June 23