TRE - For All Life Stages

TRE is a series of physical exercises that can enhance performance preparation and outcomes for musicians, performers and public speakers. In a TRE session, you will be shown how to generate a natural tremor deep in the body. This tremor response is linked with the fight-flight aspect of the nervous system. Learning how to engage and regulate this tremor response has a calming effect in the nervous system. TRE participants report they are more equipped to take on the challenges of performing.

TRE can be used to prepare for performances, exams and public speaking. It is also beneficial for relieving muscle tension, which is often experienced by musicians, dancers and physical theatre performers. TRE is traditionally used to release trauma and tension stored deep in the muscles and nervous system. For performers interested in creating optimum states of body-mind connection, TRE is a simple of powerful tool to include in your pre-and post-performance routine.

Next Course: Wednesday 24th July - Wednesday 4th September. 4x Fortnightly sessions.

Location: Carlton, Melbourne

Investment: $100

Bookings: Click HERE.

Myfanwy is a Certified TRE Provider. In 2014, she began integrating TRE into her performance practice. Since 2018, Myfanwy has facilitated one-on-one and group TRE sessions for musicians, dancers, performers, psychologists, personal trainers, writers, public speakers, Alexander Technique Practitioners, authors, and composers.

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