Solos Viola Cover.jpg

SOLOS I:I (Viola)

A suite of assisted solos on Tasmanian Huon Pine & Sassafras 5-String Viola. Co-created with six dancers: Cobie Orger, Elnaz Sheshgelani, Alice Cummins, Brendan O'Connor, Tony Yap & Evgenii Timofeev. Recorded live at Riddells Creek Dance Studio April 2016 with sound engineer Myles Mumford.

Available for purchase HERE on Bandcamp. Listening with headphones is recommended. 



  • 4:26
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Cobie Orger)
  • 5:48
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Alice Cummins)
  • 2:56
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Brendan O'Connor)
  • 6:16
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Evgenni Timofeev)
  • 3:55
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Elnaz)
  • 5:46
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Cobie Orger)
  • 8:37
    Myfanwy Hunter (with Tony Yap)